The Soterian Guide to Saving Your World

answers the question, "How do we save our world from harm?"

The Soterian Guide offers a practical narrative that answers the question of how to save our world from the inside out, in 5 chapters:
  1. Getting Started
  2. The 5 Insights
  3. The 5 Contexts
  4. Rebuilding Society
  5. Taking Action

The Guide is actively being written and presented publicly in a series of live readings by the author. If you would like to host or attend a reading of the first chapter, please contact with a subject line of "Live Reading". These readings are used to not only share the message but also gather feedback to ensure that the material is accessible to a wide audience.

The process of writing The Soterian Guide to Saving Your World is expected to be complete by January. After initial publication in paperback and e-book formats, the Guide will be made into an audiobook, online video series, and workshop.